It is finally the weekend and I am so glad. Work has been rather stressful but I am making it. Today Jeff and I went to quite a few yard sales. We found a few good deals on older labtops, a digi cam and what I will love…a Oreck steam cleaner. I am so excited to start using this. We have pets as many of you know so we have a few stains on the floor and I have been wanting to clean them for a while now so finally I am able to. I tell you it doesn’t take much to please me. This afternoon we came home and took a nap. We are unsure of what we might do tomorrow. I have to do some algebra tests/homework and also my midterm is due tomorrow. So this evening I will start studying for my Anatomy/Physiology midterm. Wish me luck. I love this class believe it or not. I am a health/medical junkie.

Amber is at her Dad’s this weekend so I miss her quite terribly. It never gets easier for me. During the summer she was gone for over a week and it really bothered me. She just had never been that long away from me and I guess I am just a bit selfish about my daughter. I don’t want to go into more detail about her Dad, he really has shown his true colors since we have been divorced.

Jeff and I are doing wonderful. We will be together for two years on Jan 1, 2009. Things are so easy with him, I love him so much. Amber thinks a lot of him too so that is a good thing. They have something in common which helps. They both love gaming systems. Amber is really into Sims games for the DS, computer and also the PS2. And now we have Rockband for our PS2 and I am getting rather addicting to the singing part. It is just like karoke. So we have our own rockband with the drums, guitar and mic. I would highly recommend it if you are into music and like to play with gaming systems.


Okay is there anyone out there that still tries to stop by and see if I have updated my blog? Wow, I can’t believe I haven’t blogged in a LONG time. But I can honestly say life has been on overdrive lately let me tell ya. Here are some updates in bullets (LOVE these!)

  • In the middle of transferring colleges because I just found out I can save a bunch of money by transferring to a different college and still do my classes online. Oh yeah!
  • Amber will be graduating from elementary school next week…sniff…sniff she is growing up to fast for me. Her graduation is Monday (May 19) but school is out on Friday (May 23).
  • Been super busy with my Intro Algebra classes in school. Let me tell you I HATE algebra. This is just prereqs because basically I suck at Math. No other explanation. 🙂 But I am getting by…slowly.
  • Weekends we have been going to yard sales like mad people. We love some yard sales. Jeff is good to find something good and buy it for cheap and turn it into a profit for us. He is awesome.
  • We are having a yard sale Saturday so I have been gathering up stuff to put out there for this.
  • Buying a Jeep, nothing brand new but new enough for me. I love Jeeps!

And just the regular housework, family, and work stuff. So what have you all been up to? I have been reading everyones blogs but haven’t been posting much. Seriously, by the time I get done with my school work in the evenings I am ready to crash and don’t surf too much. But of course I have to have my fix of myspace. I can honestly say I am addicted to this. I have found SO many old classmates, old friends from my childhood and of course new friends. It is a great networking system plus it is fun to play around with your profile and beautify it. Ha. Okay I am done rambling for a back later in the week.

It’s the weekend!

March 30, 2008

Not too much has been happening over my way in Georgia but I have been keeping up with everyone.

Work has been rather hectic lately and more job resposibilities have fallen onto me, which is good in a way and bad in a way. Amber is doing great in school. She just had her DARE graduation a week ago. If anyone wants to see I can add you as a friend on myspace. I am under the email address I don’t have that email anymore but it is the one I signed up for with them.

Easter was wonderful at our house. We had a great dinner and Jeff had his friend Mike over to join us. Later in the day since Mom had worked the night before we took her a plate of food. She was impressed. Jeff helped me in the kitchen since I don’t cook much at all anymore. I need to start back, I use to LOVE to cook. Anyone willing to share some recipes you absolutely love? Send me an email:

I have indulging myself in scrap-booking goodies. I can’t get enough of them and have found quite a few great finds at yard sales. I plan on working on an 11×14 album of Amber. I have lots of pics to scrap so it will keep me busy for a while. I have made a few Easter cards but nothing real great lately.

Well that is about it for now. Hope everyone in blog land is doing well and is happy. I know I am.

Can you say stress?

January 21, 2008

I wanted to keep up with my blog better but it seems things have really been on a whirl wind lately.

My mom was in the hospital about two weeks ago. She is “okay” for the most part but scared me half to death. She is/was a heavy smoker for almost 48 years. I happened to call her on Thursday (2 weeks ago) and just let her know that she wouldn’t have to keep Amber for me when all I could hear was her whispering. I asked her what was wrong and she told me she couldn’t breathe. I told her to hold on I am calling 911 and will be there asap. I hang up, leave work, get Jeff to dial 911 for me and we are off to her house. The EMS beats us there by a few seconds. She is literaly gasping for air. It was horrible that I couldn’t do anything for her. The paramedics knew what was wrong and gave her O2 immediately. She has CHF and is a smoker. She was going into respiratory distress. I spent that afternoon and part of the night in the ER with her until they admitted her. She got quite a bit of O2 and breathing treatments. She says no more cigarettes and I am praying she holds her end of the bargain. I am just real worried about her. ( She was just kept overnight but didn’t need the O2 once she got her oxygen level back to her norm. Her norm is 91, they tell me it is because she smokes. But her level got down to 76 % in the ambulance and her lungs were collapsing. I have never been so scared for her. She told me it was the most scared she has ever been. We have been helping her out around her house and doing some things for her but it is hard being she lives alone. I wished she would let us come and take care of her. Believe me there has been talk about this. If anyone still reads my blog, I hope you do blogger buddies ) please say a prayer for to find strength in herself to regain herself and get better. Thanks everyone.

New year

January 16, 2008

I really hope I haven’t lost all of my blogger buddies. Please add this link to your blog roll. I had major issues with blogger and hopefully now with using wordpress my troubles are over. I have missed blogging and keeping in touch with all of my friends in blog land. So much has happened in the past year for me. Some good and some bad.

 I have kept up better with myspace but really that isn’t a good place to vent, I have just found old high school friends there. I have been reading everyone’s blogs but haven’t felt like commenting…but trust me I will. Journaling helps me think out my problems and my vents. I haven’t been doing much for “me” lately so I think it is about time. No crafting, no letter writing (much) and just feeling like blah. This new year will bring much more happiness for me and my family. I just know it. So Happy New Year everyone!